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Video Production & Marketing

According to a survey conducted by an online media house in 2013 Q4 to understand video marketing trends, it was found that 84% of marketers were using videos for website marketing, 70% were using video SEO practices and while 60% were utilizing some form of video email marketing. What’s more, 82% of the 600+ survey respondents indicated that their business enjoyed positive impacts of video marketing and 70% said that they were open to increases in their video marketing budgets. Thus, it’s a good time to take full advantage of online video production services to attract both potential clients and business partners alike.

MPM – one of the premier full service video production companies, can help you make the most of your video marketing budget by grabbing the attention our your audience with its customized videos.  Our video production house is capable of producing excellent motion graphics videos, animated explainer videos, business marketing videos, corporate communications videos and audio presentation videos. Our team is also adept in video analytics, video content creation, corporate video presentations, video SEO marketing, video lead generation, video email marketing and mobile video marketing.  Based on the unique business needs of our clients, we can also help in the creation and distribution of interactive video brochures, video postcards, video landing pages and video email marketing campaigns, all of which encourage viewer responses, engagements and sharing activity, thus playing an important role in building trusted relationships.

The video production house of MPM is also experienced in creating customized video sales collateral and interactive video micro sites to help businesses reach their target clientele and impress them with excellent audio-visual elements, which showcase their corporate persona. If you have yet explore these marketing avenues, don’t wait, let our team of professionals help you reap the ROI that you’re looking for.

Through MPM’s online video production services , we will help you communicate information to your customers and prospects about your services and products in an easy, engaging and efficient way.  Videos can also help you improve the quality of your sales leads, which in turn, will help your business reach the next level.

Contact us today to find out how our video production house can help your business establish an efficient video marketing campaign.