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For years, John Lewis, the chain for higher end department stores operated in Great Britain, has created incredibly heartwarming commercials during the holidays. Their video marketing commercials pull at everyone’s heartstrings to put them all in a merrier mood. This year, the advert is Monty the Penguin, a video showing the relationship between a little…
If you stay tuned to watch the post-game ceremonies after the Giants won the World Series, then you would have witnessed the painfully epic moment when sponsor Chevrolet’s executive Rikk Wilde awarded the series MVP, Giants’ Madison Bumgarner, a Chevrolet Colorado truck for his win. Here's the video if you haven't seen it: Do not…
It is not all work and no play for us! Not only do we work hard to take care of our clients in increasing their online presence by creating high-quality video social media content, but we also know how to have fun and enjoy the funnier moments in life. Have a laugh and enjoy MPM…

By: Author, Karl Rader, MPM VSM

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Video marketing is making a huge splash into the business marketing arena. Many companies are finding that by adding a video to their home pages, their Facebook accounts, and their LinkedIn accounts, that they are attracting more and more clientele and better candidates for employees. Here are 8 simple ways that video marketing can help your business not only grow, but work with all the best employees and companies.

1) Subliminal advertising

When you put a video on your Facebook profile or page you are advertising without the watchers even realizing it. Take for instance a funny video about a cute little puppy playing with a certain brand of toy or even toilet paper. The video has now generated an influx of watchers who are not only seeing a cute puppy, but your brand of product being advertised and this in turn gives you affordable advertising, with subliminal messaging, and brand recognition.

2) Recruiting better candidates

So you’re looking for a new employee pool to draw from and you want someone who is innovative, educated, and well versed in your market. Post a video of the perfect candidates you already have on LinkedIn. You already have employees that you appreciate the hard work they put into your company, they are enthusiastic about their jobs, and find fun ways to get the work done and make it a productive day, so why not showcase them to prospective candidates? This is a video production at its finest.

3) Introducing new products and reviews

Many people are on YouTube every day, in fact, you can now watch YouTube from your home TV. So why not use that to your advantage. Post videos of fun events that the company has, post marketing campaigns with funny, or interesting story lines. Draw in new customers with the videos and discreet product placement.

4) Engaging the media world

Twitter allows videos to be posted straight to your customer’s feeds. Use that to your advantage and send out the fun quip about your products or employees to get people talking. Retweets are very powerful ways to get noticed.

5) Marketing to current customers

Add a video to your home page. Talk about the benefits of your company or brand. Let the social media world decide if your brand or company is fun enough to support. Using video marketing is the new age of marketing online and customers will respond to that.

6) Providing SEO for your site

Websites need SEO, so add a video to your site and watch the traffic flood in. SEO is a key part in maintaining a brand that will be remembered and search engine optimized.  Videos that speak about your company or brand can be fun and interesting, which draws in more viewers and creates better SEO.

7) Train new recruits

Using your online website as a training center with password protected access can be very beneficial to your company and the employees you just hired. Video production can showcase many different ways to complete a task without having to ask for help. A searchable database that is easy to use will help your employees learn and train without the headaches that come along with training.

8) Interactive press release

Introduce a new product line or brand with a video montage of the improvements or process it took to make that new product or brand. Post it on social media marketing sites, mostly free of charge, and watch the media take hold of the video without having to pay someone large amounts of money to distribute the press release, saving you time and money.

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